Dent Repair Edmonton

Dent Force is proud to provide our expert and professional dent repair services to Edmonton and the surrounding area. We specialize in seamlessly removing dents from vehicles using our paintless dent repair techniques. No matter the type of vehicle or the size of the dent our team of experienced dent technicians can have your vehicle looking like new again. Our dent repair services also include the removal of door dings and scratches along with repairing hail damage.

Paintless Dent Repair Edmonton

At Dent Force in Edmonton we are able to repair dents in your vehicle’s body using our paintless dent repair method. Our paintless dent repair method of repairing dents eliminates the time consuming and costly process of using fillers and unnecessarily repainting a vehicle. Using this method allows us to save you money on dent repairs, and since it takes less time we get your vehicle back to you quickly. One visit to Dent Force dent repair in Edmonton and you will see why our dent repair methods are superior.

Dent Repair Preparation

Our dent repair process begins with our experienced dent technicians examining the dent in your vehicle’s body. The technician will then survey the best way to access the backside of the dent. Our technicians have repaired dents on all types of vehicles so they know the best way to access the backside of a dent on any vehicle. Once our dent technician has access to the backside of the dent in your vehicle they will use one of many specialty tools to massage the dent. At Dent Force we are a well equipped dent repair shop with many dent repair tools that vary in size, shape and strength. Our variety of tools allows us to properly repair any size of dent no matter where it is located on your vehicle. Once the proper tool is identified the technician will examine the paint on your vehicle. The paint on every vehicle has a pattern to it, and the technician must study this pattern in order to duplicate it in the dent massaging process.

Our Dent Repair Process

Once the dent technician has identified the best way to access the dent, the best tool for the repair and the pattern of the paint on the vehicle the dent repair process can begin. The technician will start massaging the dent out, using their highly skilled eye and hand coordination to massage the metal, while duplicating the pattern of the surrounding paint. As the massaging process advances the technician may begin to use other tools to help properly and seamlessly massage the dent out of the vehicle. To help ensure that the dent is seamlessly removed the dent technician will use a special light that illuminates the vehicle’s paint surface while massaging the metal on the backside of the dent. This light allows the technician to better identify the vehicle’s paint pattern and massage the dent so the pattern remains intact. The technician will massage the dent from the middle outward until there is no longer any sign of the dent in your vehicle.

Hail Damage Repair Edmonton

The first step in our hail repair process is having your vehicle examined by one of our Dent Force technicians so we can provide time and cost estimates. We complete these assessments free of charge and it usually takes an hour to complete. Once our assessment is complete our team will work with you to schedule an appointment for your hail damage repair at a time that works best for you.

Hail Damage Repair Edmonton

Our hail dent repair process utilizes our paintless dent repair techniques. This means we will not be using any fillers or repainting your vehicle in order to remove the dents. Instead our team of dent technicians will remove most of the trim components to allow access to the backside of the metal affected. Once our technicians have access to the back side of the dents they will begin the massaging process, where little pushes are made to move a small portion of metal at a time. This massaging process starts in the center of the dent, and is used over the entire diameter of the dent, until the metal is returned to its original position on the panel. Each dent is removed by the same process one at a time. Using this process our dent technicians will be able to seamlessly remove the dent eliminating any evidence that a dent ever existed.

Trust the Experts

The paintless dent repair process requires an experienced technician with the proper tools at his or her disposal. At Dent Force we place the utmost importance on having a well equipped, experienced team that can seamlessly repair all dents. When you bring your vehicle into Dent Force it will leave our shop with no evidence of a dent ever occurring. If your vehicle has a dent that needs to be removed trust the experts at Dent Force in Edmonton. If you have any questions about our dent removal process, want more information on our dent repair services or need to book an appointment please contact us today.

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