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Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair was first used on the automotive assembly line. Dents that occurred as the vehicles were being assembled would simply be removed by massaging the dented metal back into position. This eliminated the costly and time consuming process of using fillers and unnecessarily painting the vehicle.

Properly Gaining Access to the Dent

The Paintless Dent Repair process starts with gaining access to the backside of the dent. The dent technician will select one of the many specialty tools to massage the dent with, as the tools vary in size, shape, and strength. The paint on every vehicle has a pattern to it, and the technician must study this pattern in order to duplicate it in the dent massaging process.

The Dent Massaging Process

The technician than starts massaging the dent out, using their highly skilled eye/ hand coordination to massage the metal, while duplicating the pattern of the surrounding paint. More than one specialty tool may be required to complete the process.

Using a special light that illuminates the vehicle’s painted surface, the dent is removed by massaging the metal from the backside, slowly moving it back to the metals original position, while duplicating the pattern of the surrounding paint. The massaging process starts in the center of the dent, and is used over the entire dent until it is gone.

When the massaging process has been completed, no evidence of a previous dent can be found.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The biggest difference paintless dent repair makes over traditional or conventional dent repair is it is the closest your panel could be to the dent never occurring to begin with. Traditional dent repair requires the paint to be grinded off, tabs to be welded and pulled, body fillers to be applied, and then for the panel to be painted and surrounding panels to be blended. None of this is required with Paintless Dent Repair because the dent is simply massaged out without exceeding the natural elastic limit of your factory paint leaving it completely undisturbed and making it incredibly friendly to the environment. Typically speaking Paintless Dent Repair costs significantly less than a traditional or conventional repair would cost. The process can usually be completed in hours or within a day instead of what would take a traditional shop 3-5 days to repair.

No, today’s factory paints are very flexible. They have an elastic limit before they begin to crack after being distorted. As long as your paint is still in tact, the dent can be repaired and your paint will not be damaged or disturbed. Paintless dent repair is a great way to repair a dent and retain your factory paint.

When it comes to most minor dents, yes. When it comes to paintless dent repair, the more severe or complex the dent is, the more difficult it is to repair. We can repair most larger dents with PDR as well. Our technicians have years of experience and have been extensively trained to massage out dents of all shapes and sizes.

No you dents will not come back. One a dent has been properly removed with paintless dent repair, it never comes back unless you do something to dent it again.

No, there are limits to what can be repaired with Paintless Dent Repair. The four most important things that determine this are the size, depth, location, and condition of the paint. Generally speaking, dents the size of a dinner plate or larger can be repaired as long as they are not too deep, and the metal isn’t twisted. It really depends on the complexity of the damage. Examples of bad locations and challenges that make it difficult to repair are: enclosed hoods or trunks, dents on the edge of panels, or dents that are too stretched.

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